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Journeys in Life

Life is Love, Life is all about journeys that come and go, lessons learned and forgotten. Well, all I know is about my life, my journeys, and I am still experiencing and learning all the time. Life is changing all the time, and my “knowledge” about them is changing with them. Old believes are replaced with new ones, old ways of thinking and knowing are transformed to new ones as life goes on.
There are still core values and believes that travel with me throughout my life. One of them is that happiness can be achieved only when you are yourself, when you live your own life. The other is that we are all human beings, complex human beings, and there is nothing in this world that justifies categorisation or discrimination of people only by one characteristic of them. Well, there are more, of course. 
Most of my writing is in Hebrew, located on this site and on others. I plan to translate some of my writings to English, an post them here, but it will take time. Sorry for that. 
Thank you for visiting me here,

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