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Nir Katz LGBT Reporting Center

On August 2012, Nir Katz Center was founded by the Aguda 


The event took place in Tel Aviv, honored by the Knesset Chairperson, MK Reuven Rivlin, The German ambassador to Israel, police officers, Judy and Dennis Shaperd and many others.


The next day we were guests of Mr. Dan Shapiro, US ambassador in Israel.


The Nir Katz Center collects data regarding hatred and discrimination against the LGBT community in all areas of life; offers assistance to victims in collaboration with other services provided by the Aguda (National LGBT task-force); and promotes a change in Israeli society in collaboration with governmental and municipal authorities and NGO’s.  

“We have no data and therefore no indication of a problem”. This was the essence of claims made many times in meetings with governmental and municipal authorities which could have taken a major part in the prevention and treatment of discrimination and hatred against the LGBT community. Knowing that the situation is very different – we have decided to take action. The vision and goal of the Nir Katz center is to provide such data and motivate for action. 

On August 1st 2012, The Aguda (The national LGBT task force) has founded the Nir Katz center, dedicated to fighting violence, hatred and discrimination targeted at the LGBT community. The center collects data on hate crimes and every manifestation of discrimination against the LGBT community (for example by businesses, governmental services, schools, the IDF, police, in the public sphere and on the media). The data gathered enables to publish an annual report, which constitutes an important support to our demand from governmental and municipal authorities to take action and provide resources to fight LGBT-phobia. In addition the center provides assistance to victims of LGBT-phobia in collaboration with other Aguda services such as the support line “someone to talk to”, legal counseling, and psycho-social services, as well as the advocacy.   

So what can you do?

Share or like our facebook page so that as many people as possible will know and have access to our services.

How can you file a report?

You have experienced discrimination, violence or hatred? You can report anonymously, or provide contact details if you wish to be assisted. You can report incidents which happened to others, providing that YOU have credible and accurate knowledge of the incident. 


Where to report? 

via an online-form found on the Aguda’s website:

via the support-line. Details here:

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